Have you always wanted to turn your recipe into a retail product?

Have your friends and family always told you; "You should bottle this"?

Are you ready to take that next step and find out what's possible?

Welcome to Recipe to retail

How it Works

We begin by making sure your recipe is protected and held in strict confidence. Then we will discuss the product concept, the conversion process and what to expect. Once you decide to proceed, we'll engage our food chemists and lab professionals to build your recipe in a shelf-stable, retail / wholesale manner that will lead to final formulation and design specifics. We only proceed at your speed. You make all the decisions.



We'll provide you with a confidential agreement to ensure your recipe remains your exclusive, proprietary secret.

Research & Development

Once you decide to proceed, just say the word and we'll set our food chemists to work on your formulation process. 

Conversion & Evaluation

You will receive a full evaluation of your recipe including its commercial viability, likely placement in the marketplace and in most cases a commercial sample of your product.


Once your product is converted and ready for retail sales, we can help you with; 


Full-service commercial brokerage available


Get you product in front of the right buyers

Bulk Sales

Retail, wholesale, food-service & bulk

. . . but ONLY if you so desire. It's YOUR product. You make all the decisions.



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